Electronic Music

We have a big experience in programming synths an making successful arrangements.
You are looking for the vintage analogue synths or very fashionable sounds or certainly both? You probably find them at Spectral Audio because we also can give you the good advices to go further in your research.
Electro, minimalist music, Dance music, Trance tracks, Back to the roots 80ties and 90ties sounds, special FX, sound textures for soundtracks, The limit is your imagination.
If you want, we produce and license the productions when we think they could be distributed.

Here some names of legend : Yamaha DX7, Roland JX8P, JP8080, Korg Poly 6, Elka Rhapsody 490 Analog String Machine, Eminent 310 Unique, Crumar Multiman,Access Virus, Yamaha CS1X, Roland D50, Novation Supernova, ... Also outstanding plug ins like the complete official REFX nexus suite, large soundbanks from legendary producers.