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We only use high end material, combining the best analog hardware and digital systems.
-To avoid fails of complex algorithms appearing into the digital host systems, we do the final mixes (tracks summing and equalisation) through a high class Amek M2500 (designed by Ruppert Neve) in-line console combined with top AD/DA converters (Aurora Lynx and SSL Alpha Link)
-We mix in surround 5.1 and/or stereo.

Production - postproduction - Sound design
Of course we can make your music sound transparent, natural and musical.
But, because your music is unique, maybe it needs to sound different, warm, hooky, powerful, surrealistic? Like a Wagner opus in Bayreuth without being there, or minimalistic?
That is why the combination of the musician's mind and the experienced sound engineer is so important to understand the desires and expectations of the client and to be able to realize the work.
We also can guide the musicians and give them the needed advices to their way of a finished production.

Mastering is operated on different monitoring systems (Adam, Dynaudio, Yamaha, JBL, Mackie, ea) in order to be sure that your music sounds true everywhere, without having bad surprises. Sometimes we stay in digital, sometimes we go through high end analog systems, depending on the result you want or the budget you have.
We do mastering according to the EBU R128 recommendation and on THX-approved monitors.