Philippe Paque, owner of Spectral Recording Studio

Philippe Paque began his musical career as a professional classical musician playing organ, chamber music and as a composer.
Very soon, he discovered his passion for sound and production which made him slightly change his professional orientation.
He got the chance to work with different well-known musicians and producers in important studios.
This opened him the possibility to experience different musical styles such as : Jazz, Soul, Pop, Soundtracks... He even successfully released some Electro music tracks, scoring in the charts.
His device: there is no bad style but there is a lot of good and bad things in every style! Therefore: the more you know, the better it is and the more you get, the more you can give.

Philippe owns his recording and production studio since 20 years which gives him the possibility to work in a quite environment. In that way he can put his energy into the work and the production he does with the artists, to understand exactly what is expected from them, without wasting anybody’s time and without entering the “try and fail” processes (without failing to try of course!). Wasting time is one thing, but losing energies and spirits of musicians is unacceptable.

Philippe currently works at the Royal Opera “La Monnaie” in Brussels where preciseness, the accuracy of a reproduced sound without forgetting creativity are watchwords. Thanks to his work at the opera he has the opportunity to work with top musicians and producers when recording, mixing, designing sound and amplifying live performances. Mixing and post producing in surround for cinemas and producing soundtracks are also a part of his work.